Announcement for International Students About the Midterm Exams

According to the decision of the Board of Directors of our Faculty dated 10/04/2023 and numbered 1325/2, it has been decided to hold the Spring Semester Midterm Exams online between 24-29 April 2023.

Online exams will start on the normal lesson day and lesson time in the weekly course schedule of each course. Students must start and complete the exam within 24 hours after the start time. In other words, exams for students enrolled in the evening program will also begin at the before-evening lecture start time, not after 5. pm.

- After starting the exam, the student must complete the exam within the given exam period of the course by the Professor (ie. PAD 1804 Political Science mid-term exam will take 35 mins)  

- It is not possible to stop, pause or restart the exam after it has been started. Thus, please make sure that your connection is secure and will not drop you from the system while you are taking the exam.  It is recommended that students take precautions against connection problems etc., and begin taking the exam. As a rule, students are considered responsible for the problems arising from the individual connection, except for those arising from the Course Management System.  

- Each student has the right to take 1 (one) online exam for each course. 

- There will be no class during the midterm exam week.
Important Notice: In case you face a technical problem while taking the exam, you can inform the “Distance Learning” department via the following e-mail and phone number for support.
0 252 211 49 05
Good Luck with Your Exam

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